Sunday, July 7, 2013

5 Weeks to Go!

  With only a few weeks before I officially become a father and our son, Rory makes his grand and probably very painful entrance into the world,  (I'll ask Kim later). My wife and I are left with a lot of time to wait and hope and enjoy the calm before the storm.  I'm sure a very cute storm, but you know what I'm saying.  As elementary teachers we don't have much time to sit down and be still but thanks to the joyous invention of summer vacation, we are actually able to refill our tanks and by some miracle become fully energized and ready for the new school year.

  This year, by God's divine intervention, our son is due on the very first day we have to be back at school.  Ironic or humorous, I can't decide yet.  Either way, we are more than excited to meet the little UFC fighter.  Even our doctor, Dr. Grey (No I can't make this stuff up) said he was going to go pro last week. After five minutes of searching for his heartbeat, he walloped her fetal heart monitor and then finally let her do her job.  That's my little champ! 

  Although, I do wonder if the statement about fetal activity in relation to post-partum activity (look at these words I've learned!)  correlates at all.  If so... we may have a hurricane baby.  I should probably install storm shutters on his crib.  (That was a joke, you are supposed to laugh there.)

  I guess time will tell, and we just wait for now.  Enjoy the calm...

  Yes, what was that?  Why am I writing a blog about this you ask? 

   A.  I like to write.
   B.  It's such a surreal time and it will be fun to reread this after 8 more kids.
   C.  Seasoned parents can comment and or laugh at my struggles, triumphs, etc...
   D. Why not?

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