Thursday, July 11, 2013

When she needs it, she needs it!

  After a long day of working in our classrooms, preparing for next school  year/the baby being born/ Kim's mom coming for a visit/My mom moving to Florida/ Bella's 5th birthday party, we decided to just relax and watch something.  Of course, we are all caught up on our Hulu Shows and for some reason or another Kim just wasn't in the mood for Ninja Assassins.  (Which I maintain is really good and I think she may like it if she just watched at least the first five minutes.) 

  Scanning through Netflix we decided on a movie called Fire with Fire, starring Josh Duhamel, which lets be honest is the only reason my wife watched it.  I'd give it four stars, maybe more if only I hadn't seen the storyline done many times before.   Guy sees a crime, goes into protective custody, bad guy finds him, has to fight back...

  After it was over Kim says, "It was good, but weird."

  That's really more than I expected considering all the blood and shooting, and slightly Indie feel.  Kim can't stand Indie movies for some reason.  I'm all about the slow drama, the raw truth, the amazing background music.  Kim gets bored with it in five seconds, but you know what I heard once on a Disney cartoon, "Variety is the spice of life."  (And she will watch zombie movies with me, and I can't ask for more than that.  Love you baby!)

After the movie:

 "How do you feel about going on a trip?" Kim asks with a bat of her eyes.
 "I want to go somewhere."
 "Umm, okay, but.... what are you talking about?  You are super pregnant!  I'm confused."
  "I want to get some ice cream.  Do you wanna take me to Dairy Queen?"
  "You're lactose intolerant." 
  "Only when I don't have a baby inside me!!!  This is the only time I get to eat ice cream and I want to make the best of it!!" Kim says passionately.
  "We have ice cream in the freezer," I say.
  "But I want a waffle cone." 
  "Okay, but you could have just said that five minutes ago, instead of talking about going on a trip."

In the drive through:

 "Can I help you?" the dairy queen lady sighs.
 "Yes, can I get a small Smores Blizzard?" I say.  (Try this blizzard!  Try it!!!!!)
  "Anything else?"
"Yes."  I lean over to get Kim's order.
"I want a the vanilla and chocolate twist in a waffle cone... in a dipped wafflecone... a chocolate dipped waffle cone...."
 I relay the long message to the lady.
"With Sprinkles!!!" Kim shouts.
"Chocolate or Rainbow?" the lady grunts, clearly unhappy with life.
"Rainbow!" Kim fantasizes.
"Anything else?"
I glance at my wife, who is more excited than can legally be allowed.
"That's it."
"12.50 please."
"For two ice cream cones?" I say to my wife as we pull ahead.
"It's for the baby."
"Could it have been more complicated though?" 
"If I didn't get the twist, than Bella couldn't have a taste when we get home."
"Oh brother!"

 In the end it was all worth it.  My wife gets to eat ice cream, without spending the rest of the evening in the bathroom and Bella gets to have a taste as well.  Also on a positive, I heard that sprinkles were just moved into the protein category on the food pyramid.  Can't beat that.

Comic By Bitstrips

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