Friday, July 26, 2013

Grocery Shopping has never been more interesting.

  Usually you have to drag me to the grocery store.  I hate it with a passion.  First of all, I never know what I want to eat.  My wife is usually the exact same way.  Being pregnant has made her a much friendlier friend to food.  She has been having such great ideas for meals.  (This week we are having Fondue for Two, Black Bean/ Turkey Burgers, Macaroni salad, and more.)  So we sat down and created a food list and headed off to Wal-Mart. 

  The first good omen we found was that we actually were able to park near the front door.  I couldn't believe we didn't have to park a mile away from the entrance.  It was fantastic, until we walked inside and grabbed a cart.  (A carriage, if you are my wife... so weird.)  The cart had a bum wheel and basically any time I turned directions with the cart, the whole thing dipped and suddenly there were three wheels in the air.  It was actually kind of fun until I was reprimanded by my wife for being too silly. 

  "I'm not doing it.  This is all Wal-Mart!" I say.
  "Okay, well lets focus please.  All right, so we need some bread for grilled cheese."
  "We have some at home," I say.
  "No, I ate all that," she says grabbing a loaf of bread. 
  "Well that's nice."

  "Grab some ice cream," Kim says.
  "Pretty sure we have some."
  "Nope.  I ate all of that too."
  I bust out laughing, "Wow, I sense a theme here.  Is there anything at home?"

  "I need some cookies," Kim says.
  "That's not on the list," I say, considering we spent so much time sitting there coming up with a list.
  "The list is for stuff in my head at the time.  Now we're here and I decided I need that."
  "Dear lord..."


  "I'm going to go find some muffins or something for my second breakfast," Kim says.
  "All right, I'll wait here and see if the one person working the deli will be able to get through the seven people in front of me before you come back."
  Moments later my phone is ringing...  I see the redheaded picture of my wife on the screen.
  "Are you kidding me?" I laugh.
  "Do you like apple fritters, sprinkly donuts, Bavarian cream donuts, or a mix of all of that?"
  "You're seriously calling me to ask me what YOU want for your second breakfast?"
  "Well you didn't come with me and I can't decide.  You should be happy I'm giving you a choice."
  "I'll be right there baby."

  I actually didn't mind the grocery store this time.  I spent more of our time there laughing.  I have to say with 100 percent certainty, that my wife is legitimately hilarious.  (When she's not trying.)  I love her so much!  Next time she wants to go to the store, I'll be there with bells.

Comic By Bitstrips

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