Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Uh Oh... he found a camera!!!!

  Today my wife is 36 weeks and 2 days.  How exciting!  25 days and counting... We had an appointment at the doctor's today to see how things were coming.  Again, everything is perfect.  We are very blessed to have such an easy pregnancy up until this point.  (If a pregnancy can be easy.)

  Speaking of easy, how about taking a picture of my pregnant wife every week.  Somehow, we got distracted with life and everything and we haven't been faithful to taking a picture of her belly every week but I got the camera out yesterday to take a few pictures of 36 weeks. 

  I'm not an amazing photographer by any means, but I definitely dabble.  I like to pretend that everything in life is a photo-shoot waiting to happen.  So we got outside and I made her stand in all these different poses and what not.  She loved it!  So did Rory, because he was kicking and saying "Hey guys!  Don't forget about me."

  We have some friends that had twins last year and they had asked us to come over and take some family photos.  So you know, I had them all over doing random stuff while I clicked some like 70 shots.  Kim eventually had to remind me that they weren't looking for professional shots, just some pictures of them with the boys.  I agreed with a laugh, but I had definitely got some good shots and now plenty of them are hanging in their living room, so Kimberly, you lovely wife you, take that how you will.  Love you.  :)

  I definitely got my camera eye from my dad.  He was always taking pictures when we were younger and I remember him taking pictures through the spokes of bike tires, under rocks, different things in the peripheral focus.  It was very artistic and creative.  If he'd had the camera technology we have today back then, his pictures would be even more epic.  My mom is also very artistic in a different way.  She paints and crafts things from her imagination onto canvas or whatever medium she feels like using.  I definitely had a creative upbringing so its no wonder I like to sing, play guitar, write, draw, act, take pictures, etc...

But... one of these very creative parents once said this to me:

 A young boy is coloring pictures in his Jumbo Bible Story Coloring Book.  Pharaoh is whipping his green, blue, and red horses trying to coax them to follow the Israelites into the parted Red Sea.

 "You can't have horses colored like that.  That's not natural."
"But I like these colors," the boy says.
 "But horses can't be those colors.  Sorry."

Who was it?  Mom or Dad?

If you said.... Mom... you are wrong.  It was my Dad. 

I'm sure he was just trying to teach a life lesson but lets talk about killing a child's creativity.  It's like shooting a blue horse right in the side.  Very detrimental.  I guess it didn't really curb my creativity too much, at least not in my adult years.  It's really funny because my dad was just complimenting me the other day about something and he used the phrase, "You've come a long ways from the days you were coloring horses strange colors."

I laughed, told him he was a creativity killer and then laughed some more.  Apparently it was a monumental memory for both of us. 

(Side note:  If Rory wants to color his horses lime green and hot pink, I will be right there coloring alongside of him with a blaze orange crayon.  And if Grandpa is visiting he will be coloring his horse lilac purple.)

And now... the grand finale.  Here are some of the photos I took yesterday.  Enjoy.





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  1. How did I miss getting a "sort of" mention in the blog? My favorite part of the picture day was Carmen photo-bombing every pic!