Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Compulsive Nesting

   For as long as I can remember, I've had an obsessive personality.  Everything I do, I do in abundance.  When I get a new video game, I will play it every day for days or weeks until I've beaten it.  (Red Dead Redemption, an amazing tour through the wild west. I played so much that when my wife went to her girlfriend's house and her husband happened to be playing the game, Kim knew exactly how far into the game he was and that he indeed was riding a raft to Mexico to confront some outlaws.)  If I get a new dvd, we usually watch it about five or six times in a row or until Kim says "We aren't going to be watching Pitch Perfect again until next year now!  (I'm a sucker for musical comedies!) 

  If I'm being honest, I should probably blame my parents for this.  When I was a young grasshopper, I would wake up at the usual 6 a.m. and demand to watch The Wizard of Oz.  I guess my parents wanted a couple more hours of sleep because every morning I'd watch the dramatic and epic journey of Dorothy and her friends.  This must have lasted for months or years even, although you'd have to ask my parents because in the eyes of a child everything seems much grander.  This obsessive event lasted until my dad "accidentally" taped over my movie with a football game.  I have to tell you, I was quite damaged and never got over it until high school when my dad bought me the movie on VHS and I instantly was content.

  My obsessive personality coupled with my wife's type A personality had us working on our nursery almost days after we found out she was pregnant, which happened to be right before our honeymoon. WHAT?  Keep reading.

We had been married in November and went on what we call our Mini-Moon in Orlando, to a fantastically lavish and beautiful Hilton suite.  As teachers we couldn't take our actual honeymoon until Christmas Break at the end of December.  Kim's mom had purchased us a beautiful 11 night cruise that went to South America and all of the islands in-between.  She secretly hoped a grandchild would possibly be formed.  Who can blame her?  We've made all our parents wait a long time for one.  But days before our cruise we found out that Rory the little poppy seed was bopping around since our Mini Moon.  (This may or may not have caused Kim to have amped up morning sickness on our honeymoon cruise.)

One of our adventures at Saint Thomas in the Virgin Islands, was swimming with the sea turtles.  The three of us has so much fun, swimming with Dylan and Shelly that we instantly decided to do an ocean themed nursery, and we even found Rory's very first toy at the gift shop. 

After we got home, we picked out our paint color and purchased the paint and crib relatively quickly.  The rest has come together in baby steps, but here are some photos of the nursery where Rory will make his appearance very soon.  Enjoy. 

 Comic by Bitstrips

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