Monday, July 8, 2013

Taking my life into my own hands...

 I know it's not the brightest idea to poke fun at a pregnant woman, but I love my wife so much and her Pregnancy Brain makes it so easy.  Also I think she realized what she was getting into by marrying me.  I can stand on that if nothing else.  Even before she was pregnant she was known in our circle of friends for saying the most comical things and not realizing the multiple array of meanings that could be taken.  Even our pastor has raised his eyebrows at some of Kim's unintentionally amusing commentary.

 Pregnancy Brain has only amped Kim's commentary, which in most cases makes Kim say even more hilarious and zany things and not be able to remember them like five seconds later.  However, movie quotes, important dates, things I've said or asked are also out the window.  On top of that, considering I was born with Permanent Pregnancy Brain, I don't remember any of those things either, which has gotten us into quite a few predicaments, but that can be a story for another time.

Today's tale demonstrates Pregnancy Brain at its very worst.  It begins when a sleepy and yet fantastic husband is pulled from the depths of sleep to hear a beautiful and yet somewhat disgruntled,

"I still can't believe you roasted my watermelon and turned it into meat."
"You turned my watermelon into meat."
"How is that even possible?" I say.
"Oh yeah, that was part of my dream."
"Yeah that makes sense."

  I can definitely understand how a pregnant vegetarian would be upset about her watermelon being turned into meat, but I'm at a loss.  This isn't the first time Kim has woken up from a dream seething about something ludacris like the time I took all of the Okra and gave it to her brother who took it to space in a shuttle.  (I don't really remember the actual dream but I'm sure it was as ridiculous.)  The point is, that PB makes women a wee bit crazy.  How can stealing okra or turning watermelon into meat seem real to that wonderfully logical and highly intelligent woman?

My guess is that our son is craving meat and he isn't getting all the protein he needs.  I mean why else is her produce turning into meat?  That or perhaps its just wishful thinking and I am really craving a McDonalds juicy bacon cheeseburger of my own.  That's probably more likely.

Comic by Bitstrips

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