Saturday, July 20, 2013

Baby World- Korean edition

  Tonight Kim, her big belly full of Rory and I went out to eat with our friends and their twin boys, who are now 15 months old.  We met at the Korean restaurant which has the best bibimbap (rice and veggies in a stone bowl) you have ever tried in your life.  You can get it with steak, chicken, or tofu.  It's so amazing!

  Ironically, one of the last times we were going to get together to eat there, Laney went into labor and had her twins.  She was heartbroken that she couldn't down a big bowl of goodness before that happened, I'm sure of it.  But I'm also sure she was equally happy with her boys instead.  Tonight however, we were in for such a surprise.  Our favorite waitress (who we hadn't seen in probably a year), who we will refer to as Joy, because there is no other name that could represent her better, greeted us like we were royalty.  With one look at Kim's vibrant red hair, she remembered everything about us, what we liked to order, what we wanted to drink, and delivered it all with the best smile and conversation you could have.  When she spotted Kim's belly I thought she was going to do a backflip right there.  She was so excited.  (We seem to get that reaction a lot these days.)

  Joy danced around with the twins, fondled Kim's belly, stirred Ken's rice, and cracked us up the entire time with her amazing personality and fun accent. 
  "Engleesh is my second language you know," she smiles.
  "You are awesome!"  we all agree heartily.
  "Why, thank you!" Joy blushes and curtsies.
  "So what you goin to name baby?" Joy asks.
  "Rory," I say.
  Her eyes get large, "ROY-Y"
  "Close," I say, "ROAR-EE"
 "ROY-REE" Joy tries again.  "ROY-REE"
  "So close," Kim supports smiling at me.
  "In Korean alphabet, we not have all letters as the English alphabets.  The one we really don't have is the R."
   "Yes, my step mother is from Korea and it took her lots of practice to say his name."
   "I bet!" Joy laughs.  "What's the last name?"
   We tell her my long complicated last name and then she walks away without even trying to say it.    "Good luck!"

  Meanwhile, the twins are actual people now.  They laugh, they play, they eat real food that hasn't been puréed.  They drum with chopsticks, they run away from Joy who is dancing Gangnam style and chasing them like Godzilla preparing to devour their total cuteness.  It's quite the amazing night.  It's so nice to get together with good friends, fantastic waitresses, and delicious food.  Oh, and babies.

  We are growing ever close to Rory's arrival.  He is just days away from being full term.  We are so happy to feel him moving and rippling throughout Kim.  It's truly a miracle and ultimately crazy how very soon we will be fully emerged into baby world.  It seems that every where I look, a friend is pregnant or just had a child.  The Baby express is heading into the station.  Almost there.  Soon we'll have arrived. 

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