Sunday, July 21, 2013

Creepy, yet fun! And... a challenge.

  With the thunderstorms rolling through Florida today, I can't help but feel unsettled.  Loud cracks of thunder, palm fronds blowing all over the place, Bella trying to find a way to crawl into my lap every ten minutes.  It's more than a little crazy.  I'm sure there is a tropical storm brewing somewhere but I haven't checked the weather to be sure. 

  Needless to say, it's been a lazy yet productive day.  We went to church, played in the worship band, we watched Queen Latifah in Last Holiday,  (Pretty much one of Kim and my favorite movies.)  we printed out all of our school centers for the month of September, pushed Bella off my lap about ten times, and then I putzed around on the internet while Kim took a preg-nap.

  As I was messing around online, I found this website that morphs famous peoples faces together and then lets you see what they would look like.  (I know, I could have done a hundred more productive things but it's a lazy day, like I said earlier.)

So I morphed a few people and then saw that you could upload your own pictures.  So, you can't blame me for uploading a picture of Kim and I together.  I pushed the morph button out of curiosity and WHAM!  The pictures were melded together almost seamlessly, but what appeared was a scary hermaphroditic looking thing, half male and half female.  Very creepy!  I fear a little bit now for my son. 

  BUT THEN, I saw a button that said "See what their baby would look like?"   I had to push it.  Even though the whole thing was a little bit creepy and a little bit strange, it's the typical Pandora's box.  How could I not see what this random website could meld together from our random pictures?  I had too.

  So silly.  So weird.  So random.  I wondered if I put two other people together if the baby base would be the same or not, so I meshed Scarlett Johansson and that Werewolf from Twilight, and their baby was totally different and a little blonde thing. 

Anyway, just thought I'd share this ridiculous and oddly entertaining way to pass time on a rainy Sunday. 

And here's your challenge.  I've morphed two famous faces.  Can you distinguish one from the other?  Be the first to name them both and you win a delicious cupcake.

Clue:  One's a guy and one's a girl, but they share something very important that they use daily.  They've also both been on the silver screen.

Comic by Bitstrips


  1. the girl is: Blake Ellender Lively
    the boy is someone from gossip girl?