Sunday, July 28, 2013

Tik Tok

  In just two days my wife's mom will be here in Florida with us.  She's going to help Kim and I with breaking a baby into the world.  It's so crazy too, because the "reality clock" is ticking and although we know it feels very real... it's going to seem a whole lot realer when suddenly there is a baby popping out into our hands. 

  A couple months ago, we were driving down the highway from a doctors appointment when Kim and her mom were planning her trip via Bluetooth in the car.

   "So, I'm booking this flight from July 30th to September 7th right?" Kim's mom says in her New York accent.
  "Yes, that should be good.  That will give us plenty of time even if he comes late, which he won't, because I already talked with him and we decided that he's going to come one week early."
  Kim's mom laughs, "but he can't come too early.  I need to be there for this!  I missed his ultrasound and I'm not missing this!"
  "Yes.  I already told him to wait for his Grammy.  Any time after that, we're all good."
  "Right, right.  Exactly!  Exactly!"
  "Soo...." (the conversation veers off from materials for jelly fish hangings to grandma's birthday party to what Kim ate for lunch and then back to Rory and the trip)
   "Okay so I'm going to book the flight after we hang up.  There's two choices.  I can  fly out at 9 am or I can fly out at 3 pm.  What do you guys want to do?"
  Kim turns her head to stare at me quizzically.
  "Doesn't matter to me.  Early one is fine, or the late one."  (I'm so decisive.)
  "Yeah, it really doesn't matter," Kim says, "I'm thinking the late one because that way we can stop in Orlando some where and have a nice lunch and just relax before you leave."
  "Exactly!  That's what I was thinking because having to get up and get the baby ready to go and all that entails.  I thought the later one would be easier."
  Kim looks at me again and our faces match as we get slapped with the hard cold reality that there WILL be a baby when her mom leaves.  Our whole life is going to change.  WHAT IS GOING ON?
  We bust out laughing and her mom is utterly confused.  It takes a second for us to explain we had totally forgotten about Rory and with that knowledge it does make sense to take the later flight.

 And here we are with only days before Kim's mom joins us.  Rory will be right on her heels too, I'm sure of it.  We've waited so long for this and we are as excited as we can possibly be, but we kind of want to know when.  Can't you just schedule these things?  I guess not.  We will just be waiting.  Kim tells me that she wants to try jumping up and down, but I told her no.  I told her she can eat spicy food, have sex, or have sex.  She just rolls her eyes.  I think she's going to disengage one.

Comic By Bitstrips


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