Tuesday, July 23, 2013

We have a disease!

   My wife and I may have a disease.  It's pretty serious and I would be lying if I didn't tell you I was a little worried about it.  We are Frenzy-Nicknamers.  We just can't stop doing it.  Our poor dog Bella has about 31 different names.  (Yes, she does answer to them all... and or, she comes when she hears a B sound.) 

  She goes by Bella, Belly, Belluga, Bellarina, Bellanor Rigby, Rocky Bellboa, Franklin Bellano, Boo Diggs, Belluu, Louie, Belly and the Jets, Bellisimo, Bellatrix, Bellajandra, Diggers, Pooper, Spartapup, Belladict Arnold, and probably a couple more that I can't think of now.  Like I said, I think it's a disease.  We even sings songs about her dogginess.  (Oh... and we dress her up... it's truly a sickness.)

Bell is feeling just ducky here.

Little Bellarina

Have you ever seen a winged dog?


Bellanor Rigby

  So as you can see we have a major problem.  I really don't think this disease has run it's course and will end anytime soon.  I'm afraid that my wife is too wacky, and I am too crazy.  I don't want our son Rory to be utterly confused about what his actual name is.  He hasn't even been evicted from the womb yet, and he has all kinds of names.  Mr. Rory, Riproar, Rorster, Little Rory Roo... and I'm sure he'll get even more... heaven help us.

 This may seem silly, but this has happened before to our friend Super Science Guy.  His parents named him Aaron Jackson (names have been changed to protect the innocent- and or I didn't ask him if I could use his name.), and then evermore called him by his first and middle initials.  On his first day of Kindergarten, his teacher called him by his christened name.  After arriving home and being asked by his parents how his day was, he responded, "It was okay, but I sat in someone else's chair all day, and everyone thought I was some kid named Aaron.

  Lucky for Aaron Jack, he is as strong as an African elephant wrestling a tiger and wasn't very crushed by the event.  I however, wasn't as lucky.  When I was 11 my parents took me out to eat at the local Perkins, one of my favorite places, where they had the best pancakes ever!

  "Hi, what can I get for you?" the perky Perkins waitress asks.
  "I'd like the chocolate chip pan-a-cakes."
  Her grin widens, "The what?"
  "Pan-a-cakes please."
  She looks to my parents with a giant smile.  "Sure."
  "What is so funny?" I ask after she leaves.
  "Okay," my dad laughs, "I guess we should tell him."
  "Ever since you were little, you never could say pancakes.  And, well we just never corrected you because it was so cute," my mom says.
  "WHAT?!?!  You let me say it wrong all these years!!!!" I hyperventilate. (Because lets face it  I was always a dramatic kid.  I can't watch the home video of me receiving the movie Hook without being completely embarrassed.)

  I'm not sure I ever got over that,  (I probably did.) and I don't ever want RipRor to feel that way.   I just hope he knows what kind of family he is coming into.  Meh, I'm sure he'll be a little weirdo too!

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