Sunday, July 14, 2013

Can I get a budget?

  After talking about creating a budget for months, I've finally decided to sit down and do it.  We bought a budgeting program a while ago and it's just sat there waiting for someone to input numbers into it.  So here we go.... (if my computer will update...)

  In other news, Kim is finally packing her hospital bag today as well.  It's pretty intense actually, knowing that this is the last time she's going to be packing an overnight bag without a child.  Every other bag she packs for the rest of her life will be post-child.  She'll have to relearn how to do everything.

This sort of reminds me of a time when I was in college and my friend Brooklyn and I both got piercings from a legit tattooed motorcyclist type guy in this little dive parlor.  I got my cartilage on top of my ear done and she did her belly button.  (I'm thankful we didn't get hepatitis as well.)  I remember afterwards, everything was different.  You had to keep it clean so you had to shower differently, and sleep differently, preferably not on the ear of distinction.  Eventually, the cartilage just didn't heal and I had to constantly rip up the crusted blood around the hole each day.  (My wife says I should take this part out, but I think it makes a poignant visual image.)  I gave up on it and just took it out.  My ear closed up almost instantly.  I can't help but wonder how this trivial ear piercing will compare to having a child and how many things I'll have to do differently, not including packing bags. 

  I'm guessing when it gets tough you can't just send the baby back.  (Not that I would.  Although my mom constantly threatened to do that with me.)  It's definitely going to be interesting and exciting and scary and amazing and it's definitely going to start with making a clear budget.

 (still updating...)

  Budgets are just smart anyway.  I read once that, you can't be trusted with very much responsibility if you can't even be trusted with managing the money you earn.  I want everything to be as easy as possible when little Rory comes.  There are far greater things to worry about than money.  In the end, it's only paper.

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